Golden Rule

Choose right over wrong and good over bad.

Tell the whole truth.

Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you and do for others what you would like them to do for you.

Don’t do anything you couldn’t tell your family about.

Decalogue of the Golden Rule

1. The Golden Rule can be used by everyone and can be applied to everyone.

2. Each person desires respect, trust and understanding.

3. There is no one so small to receive goodness and kindness from us.

4. Dealing with different personality types seems to bring with it a challenge to practice the Golden Rule.

5. The sack in which we have been accumulating over time the good and bad we have done, we take it to the world of relationship dynamics, which shapes the way we treat, respect and approach others, in general our empathy with others.

6. Sometimes it is more difficult to practice the Golden Rule with the people closest to you, but never impossible.

7. Don’t allow success or failure to harden your heart or blind your perspective of others.

8. Lack of integrity is justified by saying that everyone acts this way, or that it is the only way to get ahead, it is necessary to live according to principles, even if this means going “against the current”.

9. To be fair is to give to each one what is his or her due; rights, recognition and gratitude.

10. Honesty consists of telling the whole truth to whom it is due, in a timely manner and in the appropriate place. Telling the truth does not imply being disrespectful to anyone.