Meat is purchased at BIF

Now renovated, the BIF store chain offers everything in one place; from beer and soft drinks to cheeses, deli meats, hamburgers, French fries, vegetables, beef jerky, tortillas, sauces, charcoal, and of course our greatest strength: the best cuts of beef, chicken and pork.

At BIF we specialize in 4 main markets:

  • Housewives looking for practicality and convenience to buy daily meat and all its accessories.
  • Weekend barbecues with friends and family.
  • Airport travelers looking to take home the best cuts, dried meats, cheeses and tortillas as gifts.
  • Restaurants, cafeterias and hotels with custom cuts.

Our flagship products such as Ribeye, Arrachera, Polish sausages and Grilling sausages, as well as Mennonite cheeses, barbecue and weekend carne asada, make us the One Stop for weekend events.

BIF takes great care in the quality and freshness of its products; factors that allow it to guarantee that the meat will always be soft, juicy and with a delicious flavor.