Nova Fiber

The year 2017 represents a significant growth for Grupo Bafar’s Real Estate Division by. to incorporate a new Real Estate Investment Trust (FIBRA) called NOVA into our niche of companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange; which offers an investment portfolio of 81 properties including educational, commercial and industrial parks.

A FIBER is an investment vehicle dedicated to the real estate acquisition and development to obtain rental income from the leasing of such properties, who receive in exchange Certificados Bursátiles (CBFI’s) which offer periodic yields as a result of the collection of rents, as well as capital gains or capital gains derived from the variation in the price of the certificate.

The placement of the FIBRA offers a portfolio with high quality long term leases, high quality construction, plaza and location of the property. These characteristics make it possible to offer a profitable investment alternative with a high level of certainty to maintain and increase its value.

Unlike other trusts in the market, FIBRA NOVA offers superior yields thanks to a 100% occupancy rate, institutional tenants of high credit quality, remunerative contracts of almost 10 years and an efficient cost structure aligned with the interests of the investor; but above all, a business management focused on fulfilling a strategic expansion plan supported by solid corporate governance.