Throughout our history, we have won several awards thanks to an entrepreneurial culture where perseverance, audacity, integrity and vision are lived every day.

In 1999, the company was chosen as “The most admirable company” . This award was granted by Expansión magazine for being one of the leading Mexican companies with the best conditions for attracting and retaining its workforce.

In 2003, the National Confederation of Sales and Marketing Executives awarded us the “National Marketing Award” for our strategic efforts in our advertising campaigns.

In 2007, we were awarded the “National Agri-Food Award” by the agri-food sector , in recognition of our efforts for business excellence and the recognized quality of our products.

In 2008 Sabori achieved national recognition as one of “The 10 Great Brands of Mexico”; awarded by the Mexican Trademark Council.

In 2008, the Asociación de Ejecutivos en Logística, Distribución y Tráfico A.C., in collaboration with Expo Logística and the Ministry of Economy, awarded us the “Tameme Award”; recognizing achievements in the application, dissemination and teaching of logistics at the national level, organizational and technological consolidation and implementation of best practices in the supply chain.

To close 2008, we received two of the most important national awards; “The National Quality and Competitiveness Award” in the “Large Industrial Company” category; for having the highest levels of competitiveness and the best management practices for “total quality”. And “The National Technology Award”; for being a role model in technological management and generation of world-class products and processes; being the first group in the food industry to obtain it.

In 2010 we were recognized as “Mexican Company of the Year” by the Latin American Quality Institute, thanks to our excellent development of quality standards and norms. In addition, SAGARPA granted us the “UCON Certification” being the first company at national level to obtain it. Eugenio Baeza Fares, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, was awarded the Gold Master’s Degree of the Real Fórum de Alta Dirección of Spain and elected by its board to head the Mexico Chapter.

Adding another success to his outstanding career; in 2014 Mr. Eugenio Baeza Fares was invited by Grupo Impulsa to be member of the Entrepreneur’s Hall and received the Fire of Life statuette. for his substantial contribution to the business development of Mexico and his community; in addition to being a recognition of his trajectory, tenacity, vision and transcendence in business, as well as his human values.

This year full of achievements and growth culminates in a very satisfactory way; Grupo Bafar receives for second time the National Agro-industrial Award A distinction aimed at promoting a world-class quality culture in Mexican companies dedicated to this sector; and the only recognition of its kind focused on agricultural, livestock, aquaculture, agro-industrial and agricultural services organizations, as well as producers’ associations in Mexico.

The reflection of more than 30 years of effort in the business world, his unparalleled vision to build and develop a great source of jobs, his active participation in the national economic growth and a clear commitment to build better conditions for the quality of life of Mexicans, attributed to the Eugenio Baeza Fares was awarded the title of National Distinguished Executive 2016 by the Mexican Confederation of Sales and Marketing Executives. The CEO of Grupo Bafar is the second Chihuahua native to receive this award at the national level.