Statement of Commitment to Compliance with Standards and Ethics

Statement of Commitment to Compliance with Standards and Ethics

Our historical principles of integrity, honesty and respect are the foundation of the Organizational Culture that we currently live within Grupo Bafar and are established as the axes of conduct for our activities in our national territory, as well as in the countries where we develop commercial operations.

Strict compliance with the regulations established by the different orders of government (federal, state and municipal) is a constant in our operations, for this we review the applicable regulations for the development of activities, supported by experts in the field, who when accepting to collaborate with us, will do so in accordance with the norms and standards of conduct of Grupo Bafar.

At all times we respect the rule of law, as well as resolutions and times of the authority, so in no way acts of corruption to obtain any benefit are tolerated by Grupo Bafar, as well as in all our business and personal relationships wherever we operate.


In Grupo Bafar we promote teamwork based on our organizational culture and we regulate respect and healthy coexistence among employees, both internal and external, supported by our Code of Ethics.

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