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Today we are in the news at El Financiero!


The recent inauguration of our new Pepperoni plant in La Piedad has caused great impact both for the region of Michoacán and for all of Mexico, as one of the most important media in the country, the newspaper El Financiero, has published this event, expressing the importance that the investment represents for the economic development […]

Grupo Bafar inaugurates a new plant in Michoacan


Grupo Bafar inaugurated a new pepperoni production plant in the state of Michoacán, with an investment of 550 million pesos. The plant will have a capacity of 1,000 tons per month, making it the producer of 50 percent of the pizza input marketed in the country. The company announced that in this way it is […]

In La Piedad, the largest pepperoni plant in the country begins operations


Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla started up the new sausage plant of the Grupo BaFar agro-industrial complex in La Piedad, where 50 percent of the pizza pepperoni marketed in the country will be produced. After touring the infrastructure where 12 thousand tons of peperoni will be produced per year, the general director of BaFar Alimentos, Jorge […]

Inauguration of Grupo Bafar’s Pepperoni Line in La Piedad


Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla attends the inauguration of Grupo Bafar’s Pepperoni Line in La Piedad, a project that will boost the local economy by creating sources of employment and strengthening the food industry in this municipality and its surroundings.

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